A 2012 rematch not in the cards

No surprise here.

Shashi Tharoor for UN Secretary General in 2012

India has already announced its support for a second term for Ban Ki-Moon. That decision and the increasing possibility of the government securing the first additional permanent seat since the UN’s founding (not to mention Tharoor’s own domestic troubles) makes any suggestion of a second Tharoor candidacy a non-starter. That’s unfortunate, as I personally believe he would be an outstanding SG and improve the image and reputation of the organization immensely.

And tradition suggests that should India secure a permanent seat, the chances of any Indian becoming a future Secretary General as very unlikely. (No permanent member has ever fronted a candidate for SG, and it’s an unwritten rule that they won’t.) Tharoor’s second-place showing in 2006 may turn out to have been their last best chance.

(h/t @columlynch)

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